Carol Deacon, "Party cakes for children": cake "Fairy Town"

Fairy Town

If there are lots of children coming to the party; you may find that you have to make a few extra toadstools - they look so cute that everyone will want to take one home with them.

Ingredients:Carol Deacon, book Party cakes for children, cake Fairy Town

20 cm (8 in) round sponge cake
1 quantity buttercream
960 g (2lb 2 oz) white sugarpaste
Icing sugar for rolling out
Brown black and gooseberry green food color pastes
45 g (1,5 oz) red sugarpaste
5 g (0,125 oz) blak sugarpaste
35 g (1,125 oz) pink sugarpaste
5 g (0,125 oz) blue sugarpaste
30 g (1 oz) light green sugarpaste
30 g (1 oz) dark green sugarpaste
10 g (0,25 oz) yellow sugarpaste
5 g (0,125 oz) flesh-coloured sugarpaste
1 tbsp yeiiow-colored buttercream
or royal icing
1 sheet rice paper


Carving knife
25 cm (10in) round cake board
Palette knife
Rolling pin
Small sharp knife  
Pastry brush  
Piping bag


1) Begin by carving the cake into a slightly irregular shape by cutting slight slopes and hollows out of it. Carol Deacon, book Party cakes for children, cake Fairy Town

Then slight the cake horizontally in half and fill with y layer of buttercream. Reassemble and place in the centre of the cake board. Spread a thin layer of buttercream over the outside of the cake. Break and roll 30 g (1 oz) white sugarpaste into four rounded ball shapes. Stick these onto the board around the cake (picture 1).

2) Lightly moisten both the cake board and the positioned sugarpaste balls with a little water. Dust your worksurface with icing sugar and knead 700 g (1 lb 9 oz) white sugarpaste until soft and pliable.
Roll out the icing to a width of about 36 cm (14 in}. Lift and place over both the cake and the board. Starting from the top of the cake, smooth and press the icing into position. Trim and neaten the edges.

Carol suggests
Don't panic if for some reason your icing won't cover me entire cake and board in one go. Cover as much as you can and hide gaps, tears or creases with leaves and pebbles later.

Carol Deacon, book Party cakes for children, cake Fairy Town3) For the toadstools, take one 45 g (1,5 oz) lump and three 30 g (1 oz) lumps of white sugarpaste and mould each piece into n shape like a light bulb (picture 2). Make the base and top of each "light bulb" fairly flat so that they stand securely and and support the roof shape.

4) Using a little brown food colour, paint and fi11 in an arch shape for a front door. Then paint the outline with black food colour paste. Add a few vertical lines and a dot for the handle. (If you paint the black outline in first, it will simply bleed into the brown.) Still using the black, paint a small arch either side of the door for the windows. Add a small rectangle for I the windowsill and across for the windowpanes. Repeat on the other toadstools.

5) Stick the toadstool bases on the cake with a tittle water. Check that they're sitting securely and dab a little water on the top of each one. To make the roofs, divide the red sugarpaste into four pieces. Roll each piece into a flattish disc shape and pinch around the outside edges to thin them. Stick one roof on each toadstool.

Roll tiny little bits of white sugarpaste into minute balls and flatten them 1o make the spots on the roofs. Stick four or five on each roof.
For the chimneys, roll the black suparpaste into a thin sausage. Cut off the rounded ends and cut four short, stubby lengths. Stick one on each toadstool roof. Top each chimney base with a tiny triangle rolled out of the leftover black sugarpasie.

   Carol suggests
It you are unsure about painting, you could always substitute tiny suparpaste cut-outs instead for the windows and doors

6) Using a large soft brush, such as a pastry brush dab some watered-down gooseberry green food colour over and around the cake. (Feel free lo substitute another shade of green if you do n't have gooseberry).Carol Deacon, book Party cakes for children, cake Fairy Town

7) For the pebbles, take two 45 g (1,5 oz) lumps of white sugarpaste and 5 g (0,125 oz) pink and 5 g {0,125 oz) blue sugarpaste. Partially knead the pink into one piece of white and the blue into the other to get a marbled effect. Pull bits off both pieces and roll into small pebble shapes. Keep about 5-10 g (0,125 - 0,250 oz) of each colour for making the fairies' bodies later. Stick the pebbles around the cake and board (picture 3).

8) To make the leaves, thinly roll out both the dark green and the light green sugarpaste. Cut out some very basic leaf shapes (picture 3) using the tip of your knife and stick around the cake using water. (This is an ideal time lo cover up any cracks or watermarks on the white sugarpaste.) Serunch and reroll the icing as necessary.

9) To make the flowers, use 30 g (1 oz) pink sugarpaste and the yellow sugarpaste.

10) To make a fairy, first roll either a tiny bit of pale blue or pale pink sugarpaste into a tiny triangle (picture 2). Add a tiny ball of flesh-coloured sugarpaste for the head and tiny sugarpaste marbled strings for the arms and legs. Place the fairies around the cake.

 Carol suggests
If a fairy is peeking out from behind a toadstool or from under a leaf, then you don't to make her legs or wings as they won't be seen.

11) Paint two tiny black dots on each face for the fairy's eyes and place a tabletspoon of yellow-coloured batter-cream or royal icing into a piping bag. Snip a tiny triangle off the end of the bag and pipe an abundance of squiggly hair onto each fairy.
Finally, for the fairies wings, cut some tiny heart shapes out of a sheet of rice paper. Bend each heart in half and press onto a fairy's back. As it dries, the hair should hold it in place.

Stick your candles into the icing pebbles around the cake. Be sure to keep them away from the fairies' wings and any overhanging toadstool roots.

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